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dipp staffed punk rock, lofi and alt-dujour bands throughout his prolonged adolescence. Fickle tastes in a barren town soured the muses, and a different path was taken. But green thoughts sleep furiously, and when they awaken they demand a reckoning. Back from a 13 year exile in the wilderness, Dipp spent a 14th year in hiding, crafting new songs that challenge us to pursue idealized selves, even as our ideals slip away to further, as yet unimagined horizons.

Contact Details

dipp jonz
P.U. Box 001
Satan's Nethers, AZ



University of Ressentiment

Master in Capitalism Justification (disavowed) April 2007

My exposure to squalor was a character-building experience, culminating in work as a bouncer at a vomitorium of sorts.

School of Parallel Distributed Processing

B.S. In Philosophy March 2003

Suitable for bartending and poverty.


Asscapades productions

Solo Singer-Songwriter March 2014 - Present

a new call-to-arms for existentialist folk rock

Eloi Geenome Projekt

Head Bioscientist Spetember 2001 - April 2001

Led a rag-tag fugitive fleet from behind, only musical projekt in which time must be reckoned backwards

Amateur Bitch Gallery

Janitorial assistant, Bioethics lecturer Spetember 1997 - January 1999

Despite the fact that people confused our music for internet porn, ABG once opened for FEAR at the mason jar

Big Dead Animal Furnace Productions

Consumer Designer, spam sculptor March 1992 - February 1997

Intern at the seminal southwestern factory


General abilities include perception, self-generated locomation, rapidly counting small unmarked bills. Certified mixologist and Jungian mesmerist (only available in tandem).

  • Lyrical sensibility
  • Mythological motifs
  • Guitarishness
  • Obscure Existential References
  • Tight Science
  • Hammond Origami

Throw off the screens


Lofi aesthetic, the authenticity of single-take recordings, no-frills calls to action

Client Testimonials

  • dipp is an entity comfortable with his bodily materiality. He generally occupies one position in space at a time. You can hear this clearly expressed in every song, but not in an in-your-face way; more like a gentle friend's hand that is tangible and clearly anchored to one location at the end of someone's arm.

    Emil Phut Kreaplin, ball-of-string impresario
  • dipp's words seek to render in the english language what might better be captured in bird-song, or an elaboaretely carved moose call used by the savvy hunters of Stygian yesteryears. It will stir your loins to new heights, or depths, depending on your perspective and flexibility.

    Anonymous Mistaken Obituary
  • Who says that existential folk is dead? Has it even been properly born? And who absconded with the afterbirth? dipp jonz is a likely candidate, a doulah to the homebirths of noncorporate rockish mewlings...

    Gloria Steinam

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